How long can the product be returned?
If you decide to return the purchased product without any reason, you can do so within 14 days.
Please note that the buyer's request to replace or return items is satisfied if the items have not been used and the buyer has evidence confirming that he bought the items from the online store.

What if you think the product is of poor quality?
If you believe you have received a defective product, you have several options:
• If it is possible to eliminate product quality defects, you can contact the Seller to remove the product defect.
• Your purchase may be subject to a discount corresponding to the value lost due to defects.
• You can exchange the product for an identical product of good quality, except in cases where the defects of the product are minor or were caused by your fault.
• You can return the product, and if the Seller determines that the returned product has significant defects, get your money back. The refund period is 14 calendar days from the Seller's confirmation of product defects.

Where can I return goods?
The goods can be returned to the address: 
Sandėlių g. 7, 72325 Tauragė, Lithuania.
Please note that the cost of returning the goods is paid by the Buyer.

Important: before returning any item(s), please contact our customer service representative by: or by phone: +370 608 02939
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